Sales & Service Manager Overview

The Sales & Service system is specifically designed to satisfy enterprise processing requirements in areas of Order Entry, Customer Service, Invoicing and other customer related activities. Sales & Service is the gateway between the Sales, Manufacturing and Shipping departments.

Sales orders can be processed as with blanket orders or regular orders. They can be entered manually, by EDI or through the Internet. B2B e-business applications can enable customer to place orders, change orders, track inventory and monitor delivery and shipments. Sales orders are fully integrated with the Inventory and Production modules. Sales Analysis is used to analyze sales in terms of total dollars, profit percentage, sales rep efficiency, etc. It also contains tools to rank relevant Sales information. Customer Service Selection provides information from a cross-section of the entire systems' database. The Customer Service area was designed to provide the Customer Service staff with the means to obtain a variety of information related to the Customer, their buying, account status, and follow-up information.

•Allows for Blanket order with multiple releases
•Supports EDI & Internet release processing
•Offers flexible and contract pricing
•All Inventory is visible at time of Order Processing
•Integrated with Production, Shipping and Accounts Receivable
•Supports multi-Location and Plant processing
•Offers Drop-Ship capabilities
•Optional creation or production orders from Sales
•Flexible document formats
•Support ASN & Invoice processing from the shipping dock
•Extensive On-Line Inquiry of Customer Service including Sales and Shipment History
•Extensive notes and comments
•Extensive Drill-down and Look-Up capabilities
•Extensive Sales Analysis and Historical Data