Production & MRP Manager Overview

The Job Costing, Shop Floor and MRP modules provide the detail information your company needs to track and control production costs and plan for customer requirements. MRP will help ensure that material is available for production so that you can maintain the lowest level of inventory for manufacturing and customer order fulfillment.

Accounts Receivable provides all required Open and historical information for Customer Service functions as well as easing the Collection process and maximizing your cash flow. Accounts Receivable also facilitates important financial controls such as credit management through historical statistics and collection management. Accounts Payable is designed to provide all Vendors, open Accounts Payable and invoice information with full integration to Purchasing. Accounts Payable maximizes cash flow by enforcing payment on the proper cycle — ensuring that potential discounts are taken when desired. Accounts Payable also fully matches vendor invoices against actual P/O receipts and pinpoints any transactions that have a variance in price or quantity. The General Ledger system is designed to satisfy all of your financial reporting requirements. It is fully integrated with all other Maxx ERP Financial, Distribution and Manufacturing modules. The General Ledger helps you create an accurate snapshot of your operations finances and analyze it against prior periods and budgets.

•Unlimited Customer and Vendor information
•Unlimited Ship-to customer and Bill-to Vendors
•Unlimited Customer and Vendor history
•Extensive Drill-down and Look-Up capabilities
•Allows for Customer On-Account Payments
•Supports multi-Division and Organization processing
•Offers user defined aging periods for reports and Collections
•Flexible document formats
•Offers user defined aging periods for reports and Collections
•Purchase Order integration with vendor invoicing
•Purchase Order and vendor invoicing error checking
•Purchase Price Variance with Accounts Payable
•Unlimited years of Shipment/Invoice History and Sales History
•On-line inquiry of Shipment/Invoice History with Customer Invoice reprint option
•Unlimited years of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable History
•Extensive notes and comments
•User defined Accounting periods
•Unlimited number of years G/L history for Inquiry and reporting
•Extensive Pre-defined G/L Financial statements
•Customizable G/L Reporting module and exporting