Material Manager Overview

The Inventory Management provides a real time tracking of all part movements. A recorded history of each movement is retained for future analysis. Within the inventory activity is the password that allows access from various parts of Maxx ERP where major data may be changed. As Inventory Management is the major element of any business, the processes are very detailed.

The Purchasing Order Process provides the processes necessary to generate the purchases for the company and the tools for tracking those purchases. Purchases for Inventory, supplies and special job material purchases made are generated. Information as to what is required to be purchased may come from a variety of sources throughout the system. The movement of items until received provides the Purchasing Department needed tools to maintain inventory at efficient levels. The Bills of Materials provides the tools necessary to manage an unlimited Bill Structure. The Bill of Material Routing contains all time and cost related to labor, machine and outside processing. By fully utilizing the tools provided you can reduce or eliminate excess obsolete inventory, product shortages, poor product quality and erroneous product costing... just to name a few.

•Unlimited Physical Locations supported
•Flexible Physical and cycle counting
•Optional Lot, serial and Bin control
•Unlimited Inventory movement and ECO history
•Extensive Drill-down and Look-Up capabilities
•Extensive memos fields and notes
•Flexible integration to Bar Coding and scanning
•Separate costing for Material, Material Burden, Labor, Labor Burden and Outside Processing
•Quality Control module for all purchased and manufactured items
•Process, track and save history for stock and non-stock items
•Unlimited Purchased Parts Buy Card and Specifications
•Purchase order Requisition system tied to MRP Computer Planned Orders process
•Full integration with Financials and Production
•Comprehensive Cost Build-Up system based on BOM structures and component costing
•Provides on-line explosions and where-used inquiries
•Optional BOM effective dating
•Unlimited routing steps and instructions for BOM and Production
•Extensive reporting and export capabilities