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Your Company's ERP Solution does not have to be Complex and Over complicated! Maxx ERP is a clear alternative to overpriced and over-complicated ERP systems. Check out our common sense approach to software!

Integrate Manufacturing, Distribution and Accounting

Reduce inventory cost and Analyze production cost more accurately.

Track and Analyze errors to improve efficiency.

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"Having used several other large ERP systems in my career I was amazed at Maxxum's fast response time in making software enhancements that we request. They really do want to make the system for their customers benefit."

Shawn H. - Arizona, USA

"We often needed specialized reporting fast for critical meetings. We do not have an IT staff and Maxxum is always there for us."

Michael W. - Illinois, USA

"The flexibility of reporting in the new system allows our managers to make better decisions on a daily basis."

Mark T. - Indiana, USA

"We were pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy the implementation was."

Carol H. - Illinois, USA

"My favorite thing about Maxx ERP compared to other ERP systems I have used is the flexibility it offers. The ease of moving data from Maxx ERP to Microsoft applications such as Excel and Word is fantastic."

Joseph F. - Michigan, USA

"We want to thank Maxxum for the excellent level of customer support that has been given to us. It is always good to know that Maxxum is there when we need them."

Lisa C. - California, USA


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